Lighting Dimmers and Timers 

Conservation is good for everyone.  When it comes to reducing energy consumption and reducing your environmental impact, Mr. Electric is here to help. 

From simple equipment upgrades to complex solar power system design, Mr. Electric is committed to promoting clean, efficient, renewable energy solutions for your home or business.

Take a look at some ways Mr. Electric can help you save energy in your home:

Power Consumption Meters:   A Power consumption meter measures how much energy each appliance consumes to help you find ways to cut back.  Click HERE to learn more about how power consumption meters can work for you.

Wireless Lighting Controls: Reduce unnecessary energy consumption by controlling your lights with dimmers, programmable light switches, automatic lights, sensors and timers.  Click HERE to learn more about installing wireless lighting controls in your home. 

Solar Energy Systems: Reduce your overall home energy costs, qualify for state and federal incentives, and become more environmentally friendly by installing a solar energy system in your home.  Click HERE to learn more about home solar energy systems. 

  1. Reduce your heating and electrical bills.
  2. Reduce water, air and soil pollution.  This will not only help the environment, but protect your children and your grandchildren from chemical pollution and disease.
  3. Reduce green house gas emissions.  This will help reduce the effects of global warming on our environment.
  4. Decrease America’s energy dependence.
  5. Decrease need for fossil fuel, oil, coal, propane, and natural gas. With less of a demand for these types of energy we will be on our way to cleaner more responsible energy use.
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