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Electric Ideas that Helped Change the World

Mr. Electric Celebrates National Ideas Month with Top Picks of Life Changing Inventions

WACO, Texas, (Mar 24, 2014) - March is National Ideas Month and in honor of all the inventors out there, Mr. Electric® pays homage to some of the most life-changing inventions that helped power tomorrow though the innovation and possibilities they brought to light.

Light bulb
In 1879, Thomas Edison introduced a way to light the night; this not only revolutionized daily schedules (previously dependent upon natural light), but also homes and city streets, while reducing the fire hazard inherently produced by candles.

Air conditioning
From Texas to Minnesota, summer temperatures sore above 90 degrees Fahrenheit each year, leading to constant discomfort. Invented in 1902, air conditioning has changed not only where people live, but also the way houses are built. No longer designed for airflow, home architects were able to innovate and design new houses and dwellings with modern aesthetics.

Ever since Perry Spencer’s accidental discovery in the mid-40s, the microwave has been changing the way we use the kitchen. According to Popular Mechanics, by 1975, microwaves outsold gas ranges.

Climbing a couple flights of stairs isn’t too terrible, but what about the Eiffel tower or 20-story office buildings? Archimedes invented a primitive elevator in 236 B.C., but Werner von Siemens built the first electrical elevator in 1880. Elevators gave modern architecture the near limitless abilities previously only imagined.

Electric Motor
Without pioneering the electric motor, electrical comforts of today would not exist. From the rotating motor in ceiling fans to vacuum cleaners, washing machines and pool pumps, this rotating motor keeps us spinning. Michael Faraday sparked it all with his 1821 discovery.

Radio gave birth to the entire field of electronics. Before discoveries in this field, the thought of sending intangible signals through the air was laughable. From wartime coverage and presidential elections to entertainment and news, the radio has been revolutionizing mass communication since 1895.

Without the personal computer, we would have no Internet; however, without the Internet, the personal computer would be near obsolete. These advents brought about new jobs, revolutionized communication, and inspired knowledge accessibility from one part of the globe to the other.

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