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Storm Season or Not, Homeowners Should be Protected

WACO, Texas (March 16, 2015) – Whether homeowners want to be protected during storm season or they want to have surge protection to guard home electronics from becoming damaged, Mr. Electric has things homeowners need to consider when choosing surge protectors.

While it is important to keep in mind that main power zone, or whole home protection, is important and the first line of defense against power surges, power bars, the common strips used to plug in most home electronics are still recommended. Homeowners should know heavy-duty appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, cannot be connected to power bars. The following tips can help homeowners when deciding on the right surge protector.

Automatic Warning Devices

When looking at a surge protector, there are surge protectors that are equipped with an automatic warning device. This is a type of surge protector to consider because the indicator light and alarm will warn the homeowner of a surge.

Three-line Protection

Electricity not only flows into the house but also away from the house. Three-line protection protects against surges on both the hot line, which carries voltage into the home, and neutral lines, which carries the electricity out of the home.

Resettable Circuit Breaker

Homeowners will want to make sure to have a resettable circuit breaker if they are considering home surge protection. The resettable circuit breaker switch in the panel turns surge protector on in case of power surges.

Plug-in Protection

Plug-in devices work to protect electrical equipment and are generally a last line of defense. Plug-in protection often works best with additional protective measures such as meter-based protection.

These tips on surge protection can help homeowners decide on the right type for the home. For more information about surge protection visit To learn more about surge protection, click here.

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